Photo.jpg (16626 bytes) Paul A. Kozub
Lecturer, Senior Researcher
Department of
Technology of Inorganic Substances,
Catalysis and Ecology, KhSPU

Ph.D.(ChE), Kharkiv State Polytechnic University, 1997
MS (ChE), Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute, 1993
MS (Env. Management), Univ. Claude Bernard, Lyon 1, 1999
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My main interest is information treatment in chemistry and chemical technology. Since 1993 I investigated many industrial and laboratory processes, and for all of them a weak point was the transformation of obtained data into mathematical dependencies. The use of polynomial relations gives minimum theoretical information about process. On the contrary, strong theoretical models are usually unstable and complicated.

The fundamental principles of my method are establishment of causal relations between different parameters. It allows getting maximum information both about internal structure of the observed objects and about right mathematical form of dependencies.

The fist test task for this technique was the obtaining of theoretical regulations from industrial data (NH3 oxidation process and HCN synthesis). But I never forget another theoretical problems such as thermodynamic and kinetic computations, prediction of reaction pathways, simulation of chemical processes and heterogeneous catalysis.

Selected works:

Information treatment in chemistry and chemical technology

Analysis of experimental data (laboratory and industrial)
Algorithm of creation of empirical and theoretical models

Chemistry processes (investigation & modeling)

Study of chemistry of NOx elimination process on Cu-Fe oxide catalyst (data treatment, modeling, reaction mechanism)
Investigation of Pt gauze surface of NH3 oxidation process (composition and changes, modeling)
Kinetics of CaO and phosphoric acid interaction (data treatment, reaction mechanism)
Investigation of formaldehyde formation on Ag catalyst (modeling)

Technologies (investigation & modeling)

HCN production, synthesis unit (data treatment, modeling, optimization)
HNO3 production, NH3 oxidation process (data treatment, modeling, optimization)
Platinum metals recovery from the Pt catching masses (laboratory experiment, data treatment, technology design)

Kinetics, thermodynamics, general chemistry

Classic thermodynamic computations
Simulation of heterogeneous processes
Solubility in the 2-component systems


Technological and cost optimization - criteria and their choice
Optimization of operated plant unit


Periodic table dependencies
Weather prediction (precipitation in summer period)


Principles of chemical process optimization

Algorithms of computing of chemical processes, information systems and research management

Fundamentals of computer design of chemical technology

Productions of inorganic chemistry

Chemistry of hydrocarbons

Selected Publication:

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